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Limoneira Turns to QR Codes Again to Promote Different Uses of Lemon


Late last year, we reported on Limoneira Company developing a program that employs quick response codes to serve its customers in multiple languages. This QR code campaign aimed to create a global message highlighting the important aspects of the citrus grower’s story.

Now, the Santa Paula, California-based company embarks on yet another campaign that uses QR codes. This new marketing campaign, called “Unleash the Power of Lemons,” features these two-dimensional matrix barcodes to promote the use of lemons beyond the kitchen and beyond cooking.

Shoppers who scan the QR codes on Limoneira lemons via their smartphones are taken to a website that displays icons for cooking, beauty, health, lifestyle and cleaning recipes and tips using these citrus fruits. Among the many fun and easy how-to’s are how to remove ink stain from clothes using lemon juice, how to use lemon to whiten teeth and get rid of bad breath, and even how to clean your toilet bowl using lemon.

The site also has icons for food safety, heritage and sustainability, which all feature the company and its practices. According to Limoneira global sales director John Carter, the consumers’ ability to learn quickly about the lemon grower and shipper would promote consumer confidence in what the company is all about.

In addition to useful information, some of the icons found in the site also gives consumers access to brief videos.

The aim of this new campaign, which will also appear in trade publications and in social media, is to entice and encourage shoppers to use lemons not just for their meals but for other household purposes.

The idea, Carter shared, is to have consumers look around a store and to make them feel they are more than just hanging out at the produce aisle. He also added that even if everyone is into local produce or that lemons are grown in specific locations, Limoneira can show shoppers what it is doing in California and can still connect them to the tree.

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