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Liking On Facebook QR Code, A Whole New Twist


For those who wondered whether Facebook is just a passing phenomenon, I think the answer is quite clear now. It is here to stay. And if you are an avid Facebook-er, you will know that the ‘like’ button is extremely useful…especially when you have difficulty putting your thoughts into words but would like to express yourself, anyway.

The ‘like’ button saves tons of people time thinking up appropriate comments. That is why Facebook recently added a new twist to the comments section whereby people who can view the comment can click ‘like’ on each individual comment too (apart from ‘liking’ the actual update itself).

How does this tie-in with our favorite topic in the world? (Psst! It’s QR Codes) It does because a Spanish company recently took QR Code and ‘liking’ something on Facebook to a whole new level. The QR Code is going to act as a link between you and Facebook.

Here is how it is said to work. Let’s say you see a product that you like and it has a Facebook ‘like’ QR Code on it. Pull out your smart phone and scan it. What the QR Code does it log you into your Facebook account and record the fact that you just liked the product in real life.

This is the kind of development in technology that really aims at merging your online and offline world. Even as you walk along the streets, you are absolutely connected to all your friends on Facebook. I don’t know about you, this certainly makes our world a smaller and more snuggly place considering the fact that the internet connects the world in impossibly quick ways.

This is the future.

QR Codes are black and white squares that might look quite odd to first-timers and has been in use in Japan for more than a decade. The rest of the world is slow to catch on but…it doesn’t matter. Looks like we are ready to make use of this amazing technology now.

This new QR Code ‘liking’ method is still new so, we don’t have a lot of it right now but if it takes off, it makes Facebook very much a part of your life even when you are away from your computer, doesn’t it?

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