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Like It Or Not, We’re Going Mobile


The truth is that more and more people will find living without their mobile phones impossible and leaving the house without the cell phone is a decent reason to panic. With the advent of newer and more sophisticated phones in the market today, the cell phone has become more than just a way for people to talk to each other when they’re apart. They can send text messages to each other too but that’s not a new revelation at all.

With products like iPhones and other smart phones, more than half of the people in the United Kingdom are using their phones actively while on the go and when shopping. What does this say to advertisers and brand promoters? That they need to be mobile as well because now that their consumers are online without their personal computers, they would have to make information about their products itinerant too. Sixty-five percent of people in the UK do their shopping with their phones, for your information.

Consumers generally use their phones to check for prices, make price comparisons or just gather information that could help them decide whether a product will work for them or not. Most of the time, the information that they get helps them purchase the product and encourage them to make wiser decisions. For instance, most of us have called home to ask someone else’s opinion about a product before buying them before, haven’t we? This is just an spin-off from that.

Even without QR Codes, which is a more sophisticated and quicker way to obtain information, people use their cell phones to check on their choices. An example would be if you’re in a bookstore and you call your sister at home to check if it was ‘this’ book or ‘that’ book that she has that you can borrow. Or you could snap pictures of your favorite choices and send them to your boyfriend to his opinion about it.

And instead of having to wait for a personal computer to be available, you can now simply whip out your phone from your pocket and Google something up. So, it would be unimaginably convenient if you could scan a QR Code and find information right there and then that will save you a second or third trip to the same store just to buy one product.

Advertisers and marketing people need to get their stuff together and be ready for the arrival of QR Code technology because like it or not, it will come. The biggest challenge is to present to consumers a bunch of information that can help them form opinions and influence them in a positive manner while they teeter on uncertainty.

Just for kicks, in the first half of 2008, it was reported that there were more cell phones in use in the country than there are human beings in Australia.

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