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Life of Pi – Watching The Oscars


For those of us who have watched Life of Pi in 3D, we cannot deny the fact that both the storyline and the out-of-the-ordinary 3D experience was absolutely phenomenal. Oscars is happening right now and many who are fans of the amazing journey of Pi are rooting for the film right amidst the chaos that is happening behind the scene right now. Chaos….as in the company that worked around the clock to produce the movie is folding up and filing for bankruptcy and employees of the company is also suing the company for various reasons. Nearly 500 artists who worked (doubtlessly) tirelessly to produce the film are dissatisfied with payment and stuff….well, that is something we don’t see when we are in the movie theatres but it is sad news all the same.

You don’t need to be working on Life of Pi to know how exceptionally painful to produce something so spectacular. You only need to be in the creative line or work to understand that behind all that amazing graphics, gorgeous backdrop, flawless drawings lies lots of blood, tears and loss of sleep. The same goes for people who work in advertising, graphic design, web design, animation and other creative works….it takes loads of sacrifice and I don’t doubt that the people behind the Life of Pi crew were spared a thousand times that kind of sacrifice. Maybe even more considering how amazing the outcome was.

So, all eyes are on the Oscars right now, for a very wrong reason, because people are expecting Life of Pi to win in the Best Visual Effects category. Almost everyone who have watched the film and is a fan is waiting in anticipation. Will it change anything behind the scene? This remains to be seen.

However, it is sad to note that despite the fact that the film grossed nearly five hundred billion(according to eOnline) in the international box office scene, it failed to make it financially. It makes one wonder what it says about financial backing for companies like this? The competitiveness is heavy, I would say. Should more people invest in, support these companies because of the awesome work they are producing? Is there mismanagement of funds? Who knows? It is just a little disappointing to see people and companies who does great works fall under, that is all.

Are you one of the supporters of Life of Pi or Rhythm and Hues? Let us know what you think about the Oscars situation in the comments section below.

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