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Let’s Not Wine About QR Code


Wine lovers are very particular about the kind of wine that they keep. The age, type of grapes, when and where it was bottled and the origins of the grapes are of atmost importance. Such information, as you might have guessed, determines the price of each bottle of wine. But this isn’t about wine bottles. 

Recently, someone spotted an interesting bottle of Chateau des Charmes which is a sort of Sparkling Chardonnay. What’s interesting about it is not the wine itself (of course not. We’re more QR Code fanatics than anything else), what was interesting about it was the wine bottle’s label. 

It drew a lot of attention from those who were not clear what to do with the QR Code they saw. I heard a woman asking the cashier what that square thing was. Well, the clerk answered her in the simplest way possible, which is ‘It’s a link that you can use using your mobile phone.’ Our answer would have been a much (needlessly so) lengthier and in-depth. 

If a wine label came with a QR Code, we would like to think that the QR Code led wine lovers to a mobile site that could help them make informed and educated decisions. For instance, the origin and type of grapes used to make the wine. The history and more information about the makers and location too, if possible. Assuming that Jack wanted to purchase a bottle of wine, he could point his cell phone camera at the QR Code and get such information. Keepers of good wine would usually be savvy enough to know about QR Codes so if wine makers continue to make mobile web pages and print QR Codes on the labels, they could essentially be helping people make better decisions. 

For those who are have never been beyond the realm of sending emails, QR Codes are basically a 2d barcode that you can scan with your cell phone camera. It acts like a sort of link to online content except that there is no need to type in a long URL to get access. And of course, the fantastic thing about QR Code is that you can bring it anywhere you want. Like the above example, if you were standing in front of a rack of wine that you wanted to buy but are unsure of, all you do is scan the QR Code and you’re on your way.

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