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Generally speaking, anywhere in the world it is the same, usage of cell phones is either restricted or banned. For a very good reason. When students have their phones with them, chances are they will either be chatting with their friends, texting, playing games or going online, when all they are supposed to do when they are in school is pay attention.

But I guess times have changed because many schools are bending the rules a little and one of them is Beatrice Middle School.

While most of the time, the students are required to keep their cell phones safely tucked away in their lockers or other monitored spaces, there are times when the teachers would actually ask the students to use these devices.

Mike Policky and Ben Essam are teachers in the school and they have, together with their media specialist Karen Dittbrenner, have decided that they could put smart phones to good use, so they have created a series of QR Codes that students can scan and learn at the same time. This way, they have it all figured, the children can learn on the go, even when school’s over and done with.

What the teachers are encouraging is for the students to perform their own research and the QR Codes are starting points. The teachers point them in the right direction with the QR Codes and the students can then just gather more information on the internet. After watching the videos or read the links on the internet, the students are required to compile a project report, and in this case, a half-hour news program that will, presumably, be presented to the rest of the class. The whole point of using QR Code is so that the students do not have to be stuck at the school library or the school in order to work on the project, they can do it on the bus, on their way to school, during a break, etc.

Students these days love technology and they also embrace the fact that they have it right there in their pockets, while the older generation are still learning how to work a tablet.

Except for the sound of the videos played on the handheld devices, the students were found to be quite absorbed by the topic given, so all is good, the teachers reported.

The school has also gone ahead and put up homework list on the website which can be accessed through a QR Code.

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