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Lego’s Interactive Kiosk


When a potential customer is undecided, chances are, they will walk away. It is no secret that advertisers and marketers are interested in finding ways to turn these potential customers into paying customers but they are so much smarter now than before.

So, it is time for advertisers to become smarter and more creative in the way they advertise too.

Consumers want to know more about the product before they fall for the pitch. When they see something being advertised, the first thing that they do is to Google it up or whip out their phones to find out more information about it or post questions on their twitter or facebook accounts to get reviews and stuff.

This is how the consumers roll now, and as concerned advertisers record the change and trying come up with new ways to entice the consumers, we see them deliberating and experimenting with QR Codes too.

One good example would be Lego’s experiment with QR codes and Augmented Reality. Lego is recently set up some Lego kiosks whereby interested buyers can take the box of lego set into the kiosk, point the QR Code at the kiosk’s scanner and see, on the screen, how the lego will look when it is all set-up.

How different is this from seeing a picture of the complete set on the box? A picture can only tell you so much about what the lego set will look like from the left, from the right, upside down. A picture is 2D. What the QR Code and AR system gives consumer is the complete picture. Lego officials say that such interaction between the consumers is key to converting a curious potential consumer into a paying one.

You know how most people linger on products, wondering, teethering between buying and ‘maybe later’. It seems as though QR Codes and AR will swing the pendulum in the advertiser’s favor. And that’s that – this is precisely what marketers has been hoping to find. Something to swing those who are sitting on the fences right into their sideof the field.

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