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Lego Germany Promotes Products With Creative QR Code Campaign


If QR Codes can be placed on a scarf and a handbag, why not on a Lego set, right? Right.

www.mytoys.de recently ran advertisement campaigns with QR Codes and guess what? They ran it using Lego sets which were placed all over on billboards….real Lego sets, mind you. The campaign was invented and ran by Lukas Lindemann Rosinski in Germany and it recently snagged an award for its inventiveness too. The award they won was a prestigious one at that – the 2009 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

As part of their marketing campaign, Lego employed these creative geniuses to come up with Lego sets that mirrors QR Codes. They are then placed on signs and billboards. Curious people will take a look at the codes, scan then and then be led to a mobile web page that promotes Lego brick toys and of course, the page where they can INSTANTLY order the products online too.

The site that they are trying to promote is www.mytoys.de which essentially is another version of ToysRUs. It’s a kid’s paradise. Through this QR Code marketing campaign, they’re hoping to capture a young market, people who are young enough to enjoy a Lego set and old enough to own a mobile phone and understand the true power of QR Codes. For a look at what they were promoting, it’s this.

According to their survey, it seems as though the marketing campaign DID make a difference to their campaign because they registered a 49% increase in sale or interest in the products!

While all this is incredibly exciting news for us, we’re just a little concerned about the fact that despite the fact that they won an award for this advertisement, the website that they were promoting (refer to the link above) is not a mobile-friendly one. The QR Codes basically led mobile phone users to a site that was designed for PC or Mac users on their own personal computers or laptops, not mobile phones.

Let’s hope that they notice the problem and will do something about redirecting mobile phone users to a mobilized version of the web page because it would have been infuriating for their potential customers to go to a dysfunctional page.

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