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Generally speaking, people are more informed, well-educated about the things that they see, use and eat in this modern day and age. All thanks to the easy availability of information and lighting speed technology on-the-go, people are also becoming pickier about the food that they get off the market. It is no longer enough for producers to distribute their produce and cart them off to the grocers, people want to know where the produce came from and did they come from a reliable and accountable source.

The trend of placing QR Codes on food packaging is nothing new in Japan and in many different parts of Asia, while it is a relatively new introduction over here in the United States. But things are picking up speed.

In UK, Waitrose printed a QR Code on packages of carrots, cabbages, berries, oats and herbs to let consumers learn more about the producers and I think, also, details about the produce concerned.

Farmers in Boston are following suit. Vegetables and fruits are packaged in bags printed with a QR Code on them to help consumers track the products to where it came from. They even went as far as to point consumers to specific pages on the web that told them where and how to best store the fruits and vegetables. The QR Code also leads consumers to a mobile-friendly site that brings about instant connection and interaction between the farmers and consumers. If they wish to, the farmers can answer questions posted by these consumers online, to eliminate doubts and concerns about the food that they are buying.

For meat, farmers are also doing the same thing, enlightening the end-user about the health and environment of the animals. For example, consumers can automatically find out what the cattle and pigs ate and the kind of living conditions they lived in before they were headed for the slaughter house.

Have no idea what to do with the products that you just bought? Not a problem at all because these farmers and the manufacturers will share some popular recipes with you on the website from time to time. For first-timers, you are going to love their cooking tips so that you can learn the art of creating your own food right from the comfort of your own home.

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