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Lake County Forest Preserve District’s Mobile Map


As we launch into the year, we are happy to note that American inquisitiveness has won over the hearts of skeptics as an increasing number of people start printing and promoting products, brands, places, dishes, companies with an amazing technology we all know as QR Codes.

For those who do not know what they are, QR stands for ‘quick response‘ for an obvious trait that the code possesses. It brings you to online links, media files, online information and such. Quite interestingly, although we are only NOW beginning to see and use QR Codes over here in the United States, the technology’s been in use in Japan for more than a decade.

We saw a press release telling us that, apparently, the Lake County Forest Preserve District is now performing a test problem using QR Codes. The program is currently only in its test stages and we assume that it is probably because of remnant skepticism. Perhaps the authorities would rather roll it out in stages. At this stage, the QR Code stickers are going to be stuck to either a post or tree around eight locations.

Smart phone users who have a QR Code reader installed into their phones can scan the QR Code and view a map of the preserve. Not entirely sure if the exact location of said QR Code will be revealed to enthusiasts. Some mention that users will be finding old information (info previously found on its websites, brochures and other marketing material) in a new and portable format.

For those who are interested, just so you know, the district no longer print and hand out maps. Therefore, the QR Code might be a good thing after all. However, if you logged onto its website, you can download and print the full version of the map…but it is not going to help those who did NOT print out the said map BEFORE they go hiking on the trails.

So, the QR Code is actually quite a welcome introduction.

Management of the  Lake County Forest Preserve District thinks that QR Code is intriguing and will make more information about their nature programs via QR Code.

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