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Lacoste Does It Right


Thanks to one of our readers, we caught on to the news that Lacoste UK recently launched a QR Code campaign and after taking a look at what they have done, the conclusion is that the campaign was nicely done.

Found at the store’s window is a cheeky green QR Code. It encourages people who walks past the store to scan the QR Code and play the Lacoste Championship. With a smart invitation like that, people who are using smart phones will naturally get a little curious. ‘Play’ at a championship by scanning the QR Code? Interesting.

When smart phone users scan the QR Code, their phone will load up the brand’s specially-created game page. The game link can also be found on the company’s official website.

The game is a classic little bat-and-ball game, the type that you can most probably find in an arcade center downtown or download for free from the internet. Nothing fancy. There does not seem to be a ‘download’ link anywhere on the mobile-friendly game page so, it seems like you can only play the game by scanning the QR Code.

What is interesting is that the game is integrated with their Facebook and Twitter accounts which makes it an even more vibrant QR Code campaign. Once the users finish playing the game, they are invited to sign up for a store-wide fifteen percent discount. By signing up for the discount, they also stand a chance of winning a special lucky draw contest.

As simple as the game was, the mobile QR Code campaign is rather well thought-out.

By integrating mobile marketing and online social networking tools, we have to give Lacoste several thumbs up for a job well done.

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