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Killer Codes On Bread


When this man was a teenager, he was more likely to spend his life behind bars than be a driving force behind scrumptious bread…Dave Dahl announced recently that they are going to be actively promoting Dave’s Killer Bread (known also as DKB)’s brand new loaves via QR Codes.

This will be the first for this industry in the US. No other bread company has announced or is anticipated to promote their brand of bread in the country with QR Codes…yet. Maybe this will spark off new launches in the very near future. Anyway, the bread that they intend to launch into the marketing is called Sin Dawg, a one-hundred percent whole grain, healthy, organic Sinnamon Roll. This is not the first time the baker’s hopped into the QR Code band wagon. Last year, they were a part of PCC Natural Marketing and Food Co-op Event held in Port Townsend.

Being a strong supporter of technology and the internet, the Vice President of the company said that they have always been one to embrace new technology in support of educating and informing their consumers about what they’re putting into their mouths.

The QR Codes will be printed onto the bags of bread and when smart phone users scanned the codes, they will be taken to videos and online sites that will tell the consumers everything that they want (and need) to know about the bread. Modern consumers are not only demanding but they are impatient as well, and it is good that the big guys in the company knew and acknowledged that.

In an interview, Dahn said that he believes that QR Codes will, most likely, will make regular appearances in the aisle of malls this year and next year. We agree…naturally.

The most amazing thing about QR Code is that you can keep the content fresh all the time without too much hassle. Hence, one day, the code would lead to a website educating you about nutrition, the next it could lead you to a recipe. And that is what is so amazing about QR Codes – everyone should embrace it now because, as it is, we are ten years behind.

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  1. Patsy O'Connor January 19, 2011, 9:04 am

    One just appeared in the UK last week leading to a mobile website.

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