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Kids And QR Code


This is not the first time Jarrod Robinson used QR Code for his lessons because he turned heads when he used QR Codes for his students’ orientation. He is an Australian teacher who is really looking into ways to use QR Codes and technology to communicate and network his students and it proves to be the kind of thing that we wish we HAD TO DO when we were in school.

What teachers like him sees is that the future of these kids are going to revolve around technology and QR Code will one day form an integral part of their lives. We should encourage teachers to learn up about QR Codes and other mobile or web technologies and introduce them to the kids as soon as we can because the sooner they learn about it, the stronger the foundation will be.

And it’s not just about introducing the QR Code technology to them – it’s about introducing different ways of learning about things and how to make the classroom a more interactive and fun place. Children are easily bored and easily excitable and if they had something other than books, paper and pen in front of them, chances are, they’ll absorb information like sponges….the way the kids will learn about the human body and skeleton in the video.

Through these QR Codes, the students will learn to be more interactive, on top of knowing more about how the QR Codes work, in their learning. They get more curious and start exploring and embracing new things taught to them during the course of their lessons.

I sincerely hope more teachers will take the cue from Robinson’s inspiring work as a teacher.

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