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Keeping Abreast With Bus Routes In Florida


One of the biggest complaints about taking the public transportation is timing. Yes, waiting in line is just about as fun as being stuck in the grueling rush hour traffic. Impatient, late, waiting to get somewhere but with nothing else to do is just not a fun situation to be in.

This is a first for Americans – go Floridians!

Florida is going have buses and bus stops with QR Codes on it. We have garbage trucks with QR Codes, we have airlines using QR Codes as boarding passes…so this news is really quite exciting. Some experts on mobile marketing projected pretty somber reaction to the news because not many people own smart phones at this point in time but we, at beqrious.com, can’t wait to see this new move come into fruition.

The bus company launching this plan is LYNX, a popular bus service that has been serving Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority for the longest time. The company intends to put in place QR Codes on each of the bus and when accessed, users of the buses will get schedule and timing information about the buses and routes that they ply. FYI, the bus company has been serving multiple counties since 1931 – so, yes, they have been around.

Despite the leaving of their CEO, Linda Watson, LYNX is following through with the project because they see it as a worthwhile effort.

They’ve picked out a selected number of bus stops (popular ones) and will be putting up a large QR Code on it where commuters and users of their buses can scan with a smart phone. The QR Code will pull up a schedule and map that users can use to time their traveling. Accordingly, the schedule will also show how far away the buses are from the stops to better serve commuters.

This is a fantastic way for the authorities and the bus company to keep in touch and interact with the commuters. With feedback and regular usage, travel time will decrease and the company can better serve the community that the buses serve. It is heartening to see these ‘older generation’ companies modernizing themselves to keep up with times and improve their services.

For those who are not familiar with QR Code technology, QR Codes is a sort of barcode system that encodes multiple things like text messages, links to online materials like mobile web pages, audio files, links to websites, online social networking sites. Currently, many companies has been trying to implement it as coupons, membership cards, flight boarding passes and links to their websites or blogs.

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