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Keep Me Safe: QR Codes for Protecting Children with Autism


Parents of kids with autism have many fears. One of them is losing their kids as they wander off to some place they are not familiar with.

QR codes have been helping parents with autistic kids. It is a fact that most kids with autism will wander and get lost with their parents. It happened to Matt Holmquist. He once lost his 2.5 year old son. Fortunately, the boy was found at a neighbor’s house.

Still Holmquist was jarred enough to look at existing ID bracelets that his son could wear. The problem with ID bracelets was that it was too small to hold all the necessary information. What’s more, it displayed private information and even the child’s condition for all the world to see.

So Holmquist created his own ID bracelet that used a QR code. The QR code could easily hold all the necessary information about a child with autism as well as location details so that if the child ever gets lost, he could easily be returned to his or her parents.

Holmquist launched Keep Me Safe IDs last year with a QR code to hold the information in. Kids with autism can wear the bracelet and if they get lost, those who find them will be able to scan the QR code and call the parents to come pick them up. All these without giving out private information to the casual onlooker.

The good news is that the identification bracelets are no longer just for autistic kids. Older people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It is also being used by people with epilepsy, diabetes or other similar conditions.

This would help wearers in the event that they get into an accident or has an emergency. Emergency response personnel can just scan the QR codes and retrieve valuable health information about you. They will then know what medications are safe for you and what other procedures are needed in order to help you.

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