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It’s Time For A Shift


It’s time to make a shift for your website. As more people opt to log into the internet via their mobile phones, I think it is only a matter of time before you would have to change your website’s interface into something accessible on the mobile phone. While there is no problem viewing normal web pages on tablets and other android devices, some conventional HTML websites may not function as well when viewed on the mobile phone. 

There was a surge of mobile data plan package over the past few years, all thanks to the fast emergence and adoption on smart phones. The whole purpose of changing from the conventional mobile phone to a smart phone is because more people are using it actively in their everyday life. Texting is no longer enough. 

When they are on the move, they are organizing their days and lives. They are driving, they are getting GPRS directions. When they are out shopping, they are uploading pictures and getting reviews and opinions from their friends on social networking sites. A big event is happening and they are logging into Foursquare and updating their friends about it. 

How things have changed. Phones are so slim right now you would expect it to win a Miss Universe contest. 

Year after year, there is an average 30 percent increase in the number of smart phones and mobile devices all over the world. For example, in July 2008, there were 42.5 people who were using mobile phones. In a blink of an eye, the Neilsen Company reported that there was 56.9 million mobile phone users the next year. 

Wouldn’t you like your consumers and target market to view your website comfortably while on the go too. And besides, with so many other companies, including your competitors, making their websites mobile-phone-friendly, it would reflect badly on your brand and company if they went to your website and found it lacking when compared to your competitors? 

The cost of revamping your company website is not expensive and honestly speaking, it is well worth it! Some would say that there isn’t a need to revamp the website because their target consumers are well over fifty years of age. But guess what? The gender and age group of people who seems to have been taken with technology are the youngest lot AND the oldest age group. There was a 65 percent jump for mobile web profile for women over 60 years of age…a huge jump, wouldn’t you agree? 


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