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Is The Rest Of The World Ready For QR Codes


We all know that Japan’s been using QR Codes for literally everything in their everyday activities but how is it hitting the rest of the world? Some speculated in 2007 that many more people will understand and make use of QR Codes in other parts of the world but 2008 was rather mellow. So, what is slowing it down, I wonder.

One thing to note is that many more people began using QR Codes in the UK – and that’s a good thing because UK is influential in a lot of ways. Australia and Europe is also picking up the craze too because more people are purchasing iPhones and Blackberries. Manufacturers are beginning to release new mobile phone models that come with QR Code readers, so, it makes it easier for the user to experiment with the technology. This is as opposed to someone buying a new phone and then having to search for, download, install, test, find it wrong and repeat the process all over again.

Large brand names like Pepsi and Volvo have launched brands and marketing campaigns using QR Codes. I would rather call them soft launches because the impact wasn’t very big and nobody really knew how to make use of those square little boxes they found on the products or labels. The good news is that many more people are exposed to QR Codes and understand the exponential potential of the technology.

Slowly but surely, some smaller brands are picking up how efficient and cost-effective usage of QR Code is….after all, QR Code is all about quick response. Instead of typing out a whole string of URL on their mobile phones, users can now point and click to get info. It’s brilliant.

One of the biggest news related to the QR Code technology so far in Britain is the Pepsi QR Code campaign. The colossal brand printed over four hundred million QR Codes on its products and distributed them throughout the country. What did the users get, you ask? For the Pepsi campaign, users got instant access to games, website info, videos and other exclusive entertainment that they can’t otherwise obtain. Through that campaign, they gave away prizes, coupons and all stuff free and fun.

The biggest obstacle now for advertisers is no longer the fact that people don’t understand how the QR Code works. Instead, the biggest problem is the ‘delay’ in release of QR Code friendly mobile phones into the market. It seems that as quick as advertisers and users are to catch on, the glitch is with mobile phone companies in the UK, Europe and the United States. Despite the fact that mobile phone users can now download the readers for free from the internet, not a lot of people are ‘curious enough’ to do that. It would work better if the mobile phone came armed with its own QR Code reader.

Here’s to hoping that the release of QR Code friend mobile phones will be quicker in the near future.

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