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Is It Too Soon To Introduce Kids To QR Codes?


We are living in a technologically advanced society, teaching our kids about the internet, YouTube, website design, blogging and Facebook/Twitter is no longer enough. Suffice to say, in a couple of years, QR Code will hit us hard and guess who is going to end up ahead of us in terms of latching onto it. Yes, the kids.

All kids have mobile phones these days. Have a look around you if you are outside and if you dare, pick one kid (maybe around the age of 10 or 12) and ask him or her if she has a mobile phone. Chances are, the kid’s going to have one. Even if the teenager has a normal, conventional mobile phone right now, in a few years, because of peer pressure and commercials, they are going to be want one of those smart phones, anyhow. With a smart phone and the information available on the internet today, they are going to learn the benefits of using QR Codes in their everyday life.

In reality, there is really no stopping them.

How, then, should we as tech-savvy parents, introduce QR Codes to our kids?

First of all, it should be introduced to them via the classrooms. The IT classes should work well in teaching the kids how to make full use of this incredible technology.

Otherwise, parents should make an effort in trying to make learning about QR Codes really fun – for example, creating a QR Code for their blog or Facebook profile. Another example would be to teach them how to bake a cupcake with edible QR Code on top of it (don’t eat it without snapping a picture of it first!). Or you could come up with a game of tag using QR Code. How about organizing a party and including a game of treasure hunt all around the house and hiding clues with QR Codes?

Kids are really fast learners these days and their brains are like sponges, always hungry for more information and their personality is constantly curious.

Since we know we can’t stop the fad from sweeping us over, why not give your kids that little bit of edge by introducing them to QR Code before the wave comes? There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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One Response to Is It Too Soon To Introduce Kids To QR Codes?

  1. Wesley January 30, 2010, 9:27 pm

    I’m 15. I am one of the few highly tech-savvy freshman students at my school. I have an iTouch with 3 QR Code readers and generators on it and i use them all the time when i find a QR code. my phone however is not a smart phone (but it will be in a few weeks). I passed my IT class with flying colors. My IT teacher and i got to be good friends, because we obviously have the same interests. Non of my friends know what a QR code is, I even had to explain it to my 25 year old IT teacher. I have been reading this blog for a long time and i love it:). I think i have an account, but I’m not sure:(. I have done a lot of stuff with the QR codes that i make, like advertise my school’s anime club by posting QR codes that have text messages on them so that people will learn more about the club. I have also conducted a QR code contest/scavenger hunt on one of my old websites and the contest was for my twitter followers (my twitter is http://twitter.com/PumpkinKing14). If people found the code the got an email address where they need to their name and email so that i could send them a code to get a free iPhone/ iTouch game from iTunes. and unfortunately I only got 4 people to get the QR code:(. but I WILL KEEP TRING! once again i love this site/blog. Thanks for all that you have done.

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