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Is It Really a Good Idea to Make QR Codes Disappear?


QR codes are everywhere. And this is the reason why a lot of people know what QR codes are and what to do with them.

One of the most common complaints we hear from marketers, designers and other people is that QR codes are ugly. Black and white, pixelated, square. QR codes, they complain, are just too monochromatic and bland. It clashes with their brand’s colors and doesn’t do anything to enhance the design of the marketing material.

BeQRious has heard of a service that offers you a way of making QR codes a part of your design. They say that the aim is to ultimately make QR codes invisible.

While it is a good idea on paper, we think that they are just reinventing the wheel.

For one, you can create a QR code that corresponds to your brand’s colors. For free at that. Just start by using BeQRious’ free QR code generator and you can use any color you want for your QR code. Just remember that the black portion of your QR code should have a dark color too, such as maroon or deep blue. You cannot invert the light and dark parts, because that would make your QR code unreadable. So what does that make of invisible QR codes?

For another, not everybody uses the same scanning app. While they might work on popular scanner apps, these invisible QR codes might not work with others.

Further, these new QR codes would need to take up a bigger space than traditional QR code. Unless you are prepared to come out with a marketing poster or brochure that features little else, then this might be the way to go for you. If you use a smaller QR code, then you will have to contend with mis-scans and failures.

If you really want to make your QR code relate to your design, then opt to have a custom QR code done for you. With an expert graphic designer and a QR code specialist working with you, there is no way that your QR code would fail.

You just cannot get that from an automatically generated code.

For example, working with CustomQRCodes.com will help you talk to a live person who will work with you in getting the exact design you have in mind for your QR code. They do the hard work, you just enjoy the finished customized QR code.

As for invisible QR codes? It would just further confuse consumers out there who are just learning about QR codes and what to do with them.

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