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Is Google Glass Really Such a Different Threat To Our Privacy?


Ever since Google made the announcement about Google Glass, everyone (well, not literally but people who are into Internet and technology) have been up in arms about privacy. I, on the other hand, worry very little about it. Why? It is not that we are public people and most of us, let’s admit this, want to maintain our right to live as privately and as undisturbed (unphotographed, untalked about, untweeted about and unjudged) as possible.

With Google Glass, the complaint is more or less the same – now everyone’s going to know what you ate for lunch (Instagram), where you went with your friends (Foursquare), how you felt at the exhibition you went to (Twitter) and who you went with (Facebook). Yes, you might say that these are options available to you and you get the choice to post or NOT to post and with Google Glass, the transparency is scraped down to the bare minimal. There is, apparently, a very grave threat to our privacy, some lament.

I am not even talking about our pictures being taken every other second or minute (depending on where you are residing) from public CCTV systems designed to (no doubt) find and track criminals.

What people are protesting against, I guess, the fact that by making those information so publicly available, it is endangering not just our own lives but also our loved ones. However, even with this said, I think a lot of people are already posting pictures of themselves and their kids on Facebook and Instagram as it is, why is Google Glass such a great distinguisher? If you have behind-the-scenes look and disagree with this, please DO share your thoughts with us in the comments section. Maybe I just don’t know too much about what is really scaring people about Google Glass.

As one Telegraph journalist wrote, Google Glass does not really bring any NEW, per se, problems to how we are sharing stuff on the internet. Walk down the street and there is a small chance that someone is taking a picture to post on their online social networking accounts and you happen to be in the background – there you have it – EXPOSED.

The only way we can manage how much of our personal lives is exposed is to balance it out. Pick and choose what you choose to reveal of yourself and respect the rights of those who refuse to be tagged in your Facebook photos. For me, if I do not want to be tagged in a friend’s photo, I will gently remind them or remove the tag myself. Problem solved.

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