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Interesting Ways To Make Use of QR Codes


If you have a smart phone (i.e. iPhone or Blackberry type phones), QR Code represents a brand new way to connect and share information with just about anyone you meet in your everyday life. Actually, it is a brand new way to connect and share with anyone regardless of where they lived – posting the QR Code on your website, blog or Facebook page or emailing it to your friends should do the trick.

All you need is your phone and a reliable QR Code reader. The good news is that it is free and can be easily found online, anyway, so, no issue there.

For those who are already in-the-know about how QR Codes works, here are a couple of other ideas.

Raise funds with QR Codes. Whenever the word ‘promotion’ pops into our heads, we think of a business. But have you ever wondered how QR Codes can be put to good use for charitable purposes? Raising fund for an orphanage? Then let others help you promote it and watch it spread like wild fire on the internet through mobile phones. Before you know it, your target would have been easily achieved. Such is the power of internet.

Reviews of sites or homes for sale. With technology like Foursquare and other similar online geo-sensitive tools, one would think that reviewing a property or a landmark on one’s mobile phone useful. If you are a tourist looking for more information about a particular tourist destination, we are sure the availability of a QR Code will be appreciated. And if you are at the site in question, load up your QR Code and share your opinion with others who would love to hear what you think of the destination.

Look, ma! No tickets! Although the concept of green ticketing is no longer new (some American airlines are already using green ticketing for domestic flights), it still deserves a mention. That is because it reduces waste, promotes efficiency and the whole process becomes so streamlined that we are anticipating a huge reduction of waiting time at airports.

Ssshh…it’s a secret. Have a secret that you wish to share with your friends? Have a go at it by hiding whatever that you wish to say (text, audio or video) in a QR Code. Those who are too lazy to scan the code or do not know what the code is at all will be kept in the dark about your deep, dark secrets.

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