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QR Codes in a Cemetery, But It’s Not What You Think

QR codes have come out in memorials and tombstones as a way to remember the deceased. It has become such that QR coded tombstones have been featured on major news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, USAToday and specialty blogs such as BeQRious.

The Riverview Cemetery at Jefferson City in Missouri, however, uses QR codes for a very different purpose. Riverview Cemetery is using QR codes to inform people about the famous individuals who are buried there. People could now access the biographies of Herbert Hadly and Sam A. Baker, Frederica Simonsen, Hugo Busch, Burr McCarty, Frederick Binder, Thomas Price and other notable citizens.

The QR codes are part of a self-guided tour for the cemetery’s visitors. Those who are interested will get a brochure that contains a map of the tombs of the notable Missourians who are buried in the cemetery. They find the graves and then scan the QR code.

The cemetery’s general manager, Samantha Renner, hopes that the QR codes will be able to appeal to the younger generation and help people learn the history of the city and its people, as well as what life was 100 years ago.

Make the Holidays Even More Personal with QR Codes

With the Internet, people are getting less and less personal when it comes to the holidays. Unlike before, people can now just send an e-mail or an electronic greeting card or perhaps an SMS message to greet people.

The thing is, this has made holiday greetings even more impersonal.

If you want to make your holiday cards and gifts even more special, you can use QR codes for that. Instead of just a written message, why not put up a QR code that would show a customized video for the recipient. Or perhaps, take them to an online photo album featuring your family and loved ones.

You can also do this with your gift tags.

The best thing is that these are really easy to do. You could record a video or audio message and upload it to YouTube or other online services. Then get the URL and go to BeQRious’ QR code generator. Input the URL into the generator and download or print out the QR code on a sticker for you to use.

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