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Intelligent QR Code Campaigns


Many people agree that QR Codes are fantastic and is an incredible way to get the word out but the sad part about this equation is that not everyone’s using it the right way.

Implementing a workable and effective QR Code marketing campaign involves more than just creating a free QR Code and then printing it out on everything that you can imagine, hoping that curious smartphone users out there will access the code and discover your product or services.

It is more than that.

The QR Code marketing campaign should be tailored in such a way that it engages the customers or potential customers in a positive way. For example, we can use Cellar Key as an example. Cellar Key is a wine production and marketing company that has been in the wine market for some time. They know that wine lovers know that there is wine and there is good wine. But not everyone is a wine connoisseur, not everyone can remember the years, the type of grapes, the manufacturers, etc by heart. All they want to know is – where is the good wine.

Hence, when they aptly launched a QR Code campaign by creating individual QR Code for each type of wine that they have and then printing them out on the labels. Whenever a consumer is curious or wanted to know more about the wine in question, all they need to do is to scan the QR Code. This helps them decide better and also find reviews on the said wine.

Another way to help brand a product or help people remember a brand name is to entice them with free stuff, which includes things like contests, loyalty programs, and free giveaways. When enticed with benefits like this, consumers are curious and are willing to go the extra mile (to scan the QR Code) just to find out how it can benefit them. Remember, consumers are always about ‘what is in it for them’.

Comfort in shopping is an undeniably important part of a QR Code campaign. For the general consumer, sugar-coated advertisements and commercials can only say so much. How much of the said information in ads can be trusted – they don’t know. Instead of having to guess and second-guess whether what was being advertised was true or not, they will like it better when information is at hand.

So, the next time you think about launching a proper QR code campaign, think about these issues too, in order to maximize the results.

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