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Instagram Came To Android


Android lovers have been listening to and watching all those Apple folks use Instagram on their phones and tablets for a long time. They have been waiting patiently, quietly hoping that Instagram will one day heed their longing for the app. And true enough, Instagram’s finally answered the beckoning call of Android followers; the very moment Instagram became available, download was endless!

The other much-anticipated app for Android is ‘Temple Run’, there is going to be another internet stampede there as well.

Anyway, for some reason, some Apple friends are not happy now that the then-sort-of-exclusive Instagram is now available for Android as well…understandably so, I guess. Android folks, however, are happy as larks. Apple people, sorry to join the party but if it is any consolation, the more the merrier, no? We promise to share good stuff with you to ensure that the sacrifice is worth it and thank you for sharing it with us.

Now that it is here, I just had to try it out and see what the hoopla was about. Downloading and installing it was a breeze, so is creating your account and then affiliating your other online social networking account with the new Instagram account was also seamlessly breezy. So I got to look around for a bit and try it out. I am unsure about it but I was guessing that Instagram lets you take pictures of the most mundane things on this planet and make it interesting. If you wanted to, you can post the picture online to share it with your friends and family on online social networking sites like Tumblr, Twitter and of course, Facebook.

Was I lost? Yes. Absolutely. Totally, positively, completely lost. I guess the first picture this Android person ‘created’ wasn’t too creative but I am sure I will get better in time. And I will keep the promise to make Apple fans who are following me on those online social networking sites happy too.

The name of the filters are funky but I love it. Apparently, there are many other filters or ‘creative tools’ in there that I have failed to explore. Can’t blame me since this is the first 10 minutes using Instagram.

Is it worth your time downloading and using the app? I think so. Head over to Google Playstore and play around with it since it is a long weekend. Have fun!

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