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InSinkErator Uses QR Codes to Market Food Waste Disposers


InSinkErator is now using quick response codes to inform and educate customers about its food waste disposers. InkSinkErator is a company that manufactures instant hot water dispensers, garbage disposal systems, home water filtration systems and other innovative solutions for the modern kitchen.

The QR codes are printed on the packaging and the sales literature that come with the InSinkErator food waste disposers sold in various retail stores. These codes can be easily identified and are meant as a self-service tool for consumers who own and use smartphones.

Scanning the two-dimensional matrix barcodes using a smartphone with a QR code reader will take consumers to video clips demonstrating how the InSinkErator food waste disposers work. More specifically, scanners will be directed to InSinkErator’s special mobile website where they can select from a list of six languages (English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Arabic), and then choose from among consumers’ four most frequently asked questions relating to the product. These four commonly asked questions – including how to choose the right model to suit your needs and what kinds of food wastes the disposers can grind – are according to results from the company’s own global research. The answers to these questions are presented in video form.

Consumers who can quickly educate themselves regarding food waste disposers through the quick response codes can also quickly understand the benefits of these products and would therefore think it wise to have one in their kitchens, according to InSinkErator Business Development Manager for the Middle East and Africa Mohamed Karam.

Karam says that the company plans to expand its innovative way of communicating with their consumers to include more InSinkErator products and more languages.

Certain pages of the InSinkErator website also contain a QR Code that leads buyers to a particular product’s installation instructions. Like this one:

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