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There is good news for advertisers who love using QR codes in their marketing. An Adobe mobile consumer survey shows that more people are scanning QR codes now.

In its 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey, Adobe reported that around one in every three mobile consumer have scanned QR codes in the three months immediately before the survey was conducted. This is consistent with other studies coming from other research firms and industry observers: the number of QR codes being scanned is increasing over time.

More good news is that marketers are now giving their users a mobile optimized experience when they do scan the QR codes.

But for those who have been saying that QR codes are useless from a business’ point of view, we have something that may shock the critics. And maybe shut them up for good.

On top of proving that people are indeed scanning QR codes and that advertisers are indeed learning how to give their users a better experience, the Adobe study also shows that QR codes can help induce your customers to spend more on your products.

The study found that 21% or more than 1 out of every 5 people who scanned a QR code spent more than $500 using their mobile devices. But for the group that did not scan a QR code, there was only 11% who spent as much.

In effect, the study is proving that using a QR code can help bring in more sales.

Just one part of the mix

Nevertheless, QR codes are just one part of the equation. The study shows that more and more consumers are now using their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to connect with brands. To be more successful with a mobile campaign, it helps to incorporate various technologies such as the QR code and location-based services along with mobile apps, mobile Web sites, and other techniques relevant for your brand.

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