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iNotebook Lets You Digitize Handwriting


In a world of the disappearing pen and paper (which could be a good and bad thing for the environment), it is a little funny that people are coming up with simulating of a pen and paper product. I am talking about something like the Targus iNotebook which lets people hand-write notes, save and attach voice recordings, pictures, edit colors and then drop them into their dropbox for future access. The pen is mightier than the sword, true, but in the digital world, the phrase has long been changed to the ‘keyboard’ is mightier than the sword?

However, it is a nice change, really, because people who just can’t get the hang of typing everything out on a keyboard can continue to hand-write their notes using products like this and still not get lost in the digital world.

The product, at the point of writing this article, will put a little less than two hundred dollar dent into your bank account but it can connect to the iPad and iPad Mini wirelessly via the gadget’s sensor bar and bluetooth capabilities. It also lets users customize the pen and paper that they use.

Reviewers are a little torn as to how much they will use the gadget in their everyday lives but they did say that it really breathes life into working especially for people who regularly depend on writing things down on paper. Reviewers also said that they found it more fun to use when comparing their experiencing of writing on a glass tablet…i.e. a tab with a stylus. If we are not mistaken, the iNotebook also comes with its own personalized ‘pen’ which means that it feels more like a real pen instead of a small and slim stylus.

News of this gadget brought to mind when people got really excited back in the late nineties over IBM’s CrossPad. The CrossPad is less flexible (naturally) when it comes to connectivity because we only had the technology to try to bridge the gap between pen-paper and personal computer. And the CrossPad also uses only radio frequency transmitter…which also means that one would have to use wires…we have come a long way, haven’t we? Other products that come to mind is the Livescribe.

In so far as we can tell, Apple fans finds that the iNotebook is a welcomed gadget although there is much speculation about how willing consumers are about spending $200 for a product that lets them ‘write’ instead of type (typing is considered an upgrade to handwriting, no?).

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