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Inky Linky Makes Links on a Printed Web Page Come Alive


One frustrating thing that happens when you print out a Web page is that the links are not clickable. Sometimes, the links offer more information about the topic, but, sadly, this information is not available on the text you printed. So how do you remedy this? Through quick response codes, of course!

You can now include QR codes on every page that you print. You might balk at having to create a QR code for each link on a page, but do not worry, there is a bookmark tool for that. All you need is to install the bookmarklet on your browser and drag a link into it. This will show you the same page with the links and the QR codes shown on the side.

You can just print the page with the QR code, and whoever reads it can scan the codes to follow the link.

This is actually a great way to create handouts for school. Instead of just printing a Wikipedia page, for example, you can have the QR codes there so that students could learn more on their own using their smartphones.

A caveat, though. You might run into some problems with some browsers and you cannot use the bookmarklet with a page that has a lot of links on it.

Roo Reynolds, the developer of Inky Linky, says in his blog that he wanted to create a tool that would make it easy for people to visit a link on a page that has been printed off a browser.

Again, QR codes have made it possible to link offline materials with the online world. It used to be that you would have to content yourself with just looking at the blue underlined links on a printed page, wondering what they lead to. Worst, these links could provide more information and there is no way for you to access it.

With the QR codes found conveniently on the right margin, you can just scan them and get the information you need.

With more than 5 years of being used in the United States, we really wonder how people innovate with QR codes. This is a tremendously helpful idea that makes use of QR codes in a way that makes our lives better, not just marketing some silly product to us!

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