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India’s Mid Day Publication Incorporates QR Codes


QR Code’s finally hitting India. There was a press release that came out recently that announced that Mid Day, an Indian daily, has finally decided to use QR Codes in their prints. The daily will interact with their readers by giving them links to visit in their articles and news pieces. The QR Code could resolve to anything…from videos to images, a web page or a blog, a wallpaper to download or a music site where reviews of albums and songs can be read.

What the Indian newspaper is trying to do is to get their readers to engage. For example, if they have an article on healthy living, the writer or editor of the said article can place a QR Code beside the article. If the reader is interested in finding out more about living healthily, they scan the QR Code and it will resolve to a YouTube video. Or it could lead the readers to a quiz that they can participate in.

Although it all sounds fantastic when we write about it like that, there is a challenge, though. Unlike in Japan where millions and millions of people out there are already accustomed to using QR Codes, most cell phone users in India are still oblivious to smart phones or QR Codes. Their handsets are probably a lot like what we have here in the United States. And like us, that remains to be a major stumbling block for the advancement of QR Code usage there.

This is something that the daily may want to consider: are they going to bother at all if no one ever made use of the QR Codes? The question, therefore, is whether Mid Day is going to stick with it. Eventually (it is only a matter of time), many more Indians are going to own smart phones and Android mobiles, so, why not stick to it since it costs next to nothing to add a QR Code

The QR Code system is so powerful that it can, literally, be used to link to just about anything. Well, it can even be used to send instant SMS. Not only is creation of QR Code absolutely free of charge, QR Codes can also be printed, knitted, carved, shaped, molded or tattooed onto anything. Because of this flexibility, creative people have been trying to conjure up new ways to put a QR Code on.

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2 Responses to India’s Mid Day Publication Incorporates QR Codes

  1. pratik pawar March 11, 2011, 10:08 am

    if i create my own QR CODE then can i be able to use it commercially.
    or i will have to take the rights from denso wave,the original inventor of this technology.

  2. Karan Lekhi August 25, 2011, 12:28 am

    Yes you can use it commercially.

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