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Inception’s Full On QR Code Campaign


It was mentioned earlier that Leonardo di Carpio’s favorite part about the new movie that he is going to be in, Inception, is the secrecy. Lots of work has gone into keeping the plot a secret….and we have about a month of so into the movie’s first screening, the promotion guys behind the film is actively promoting the secrecy even more.

Like the movie, there is something very secretive about QR Codes. It gets you curious and makes you want to find out more information about what it is, what it leads to and what it is trying to tell you. Hence, it sort of makes sense for them to promote Inception with QR Codes. Some people went as far as to say that the promotion of the movie is ‘viral’. It actually aims at leading phone savvy people to an anonymous blogs with curious postings that explores the world of mind crime. We are not sure what the blog is going to be about but, it appears to be heading in that direction.

The posters for this movie is quite similar to the ones used for ‘District 9′ promotion. Back then, there were posters everywhere you turn and on every poster, there is a QR Code. For Inception, phone users are led to a website called ‘what is dream share?’. Indeed, what IS dream share?

But that is not all. The organizers, we heard, made extra effort to send out little niceties to journalists and entertainment industry peeps. It was a USB hard drive in a box which has the film’s trailer in it. On the box, there is a QR Code which leads users to the Mind Crime site as well.

It appears that the promoters of Inception is not frugal with the mobile campaign. Early on, they have been luring people to their site with QR Code printed on t-shirts, flyers and other printed materials.

It is an incredibly nice move on their part. Since everyone’s been nibbling on the curiosity that has been built around the movie, they’re sure to bite the bait when the bait is up for biting.

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