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In England, QR Codes Are Used for Book Suggestions


QR codes in libraries are nothing new. These ubiquitous barcodes have been used to give patrons more information about the books, the library itself as well as having been links to videos showing how to search for a book, how to use the Dewey decimal system and other different how to videos.

Remember how QR codes were used in elementary schools in Fort Thomas?

For instance, Moyer Elementary School used QR codes to introduce famous Kentuckians to third grade students. Woodfill Elementary School uses QR codes to provide students with an easy link to useful Web sites and online resources. While QR codes found at the Johnson Elementary School library take students to the library’s new Web site.

It has also been used as a way to get book recommendations. This is what the Pauline Haass Public Library has come up with.

The library in Sussex, England, is using QR codes for its children’s area. People who scan the QR codes will be able to access book recommendations written by students from Woodside Elementary School. They can just read the recommendations and know which books make for great reading for their kids.

Not only will parents be able to select interesting books for their kids, but they will get honest recommendations from children who have actually read the books.

What’s more, the book recommendations also help give the Woodside students a captive audience for their writings. Their book recommendations are not only confined to the classrooms.

In effect, these initiatives are making the students even more confident and help them feel a sense of achievement.

It would be nice to have the QR codes take people who scan it to a video or audio recording of these book recommendations. This way, the recommendations would have a face and a voice to it and would be seen as more personal.

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