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Impress The Socks Off Of Your Future Employer With A QR Code


When was the last time you fiddled around with your resume? Don’t think you need to add anything of value to it? Think again.

Employers are beginning to shed light on how they view resumes and in recent reports, employers highlighted the fact that they really DO look for something different and creative when going through resumes. When you are faced with stack upon stacks of resumes, after some time, all the resumes are going to feel the same to the employer. So, what people can do right now is to be a little different from the others. And here is an idea.

If you have a personal website, create a QR Code with our QR Code generator with the URL. Some people may want to create a QR Code that leads to their Facebook or Twitter pages but I reckon that is getting too close for comfort. You don’t ALREADY know the person that you are dealing with so there isn’t a point in letting them in on your vacation plans and your information about your favorite diner or…gasp…your party pictures!

The alternative would be to create a specific page that basically summarizes your resume, your experience, life and how you would be an asset to the company in a prettier way. You can create an about.me page because it is free but a word of caution about putting your Facebook and other more personal links up there. Creating an About.me page is just like creating a new Facebook page so, go get yourself one and tinkle around with the options.

As pointed out by Rosemary Haefner of CareerBuilder.com, people are getting more creative in the way that they present themselves in the market place these days. They are creating QR Codes and printed the codes out on their resumes to help employers make better decisions. The usage of a combination of words, images and sometimes even videos can point these employers in the right direction. Some job seekers are putting their talents to good use too when they communicate their willingness to considered for the job.

In fact, Haefner admitted that she found it great that people are trying to do something different to their resumes. So, think about it – if generating a QR Code is completely free of charge and it could improve your chances of being hired, wouldn’t you do it?

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