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Ignore QR Codes at Your Own Risk


No matter what cynics say, QR codes are very much alive and well.

This is the reason why you should ignore QR codes, you are bound to lose out.

How are you losing out?

1. Your customers are ready for them. Unlike near-field communication, image recognition, tags and other 2D barcodes, as well as other connective technologies that function similarly to a QR code, your customers actually know what a QR code is and how to scan them. Further, their mobile devices are now ready to scan them out of the box, as Apple and Android now includes a QR code scanner pre-installed with their products. This means that ignoring QR codes also means that you are ignoring thousands of customers out there who are ready to scan your QR codes.

2. QR codes can provide a wealth of information. Ignoring QR codes would put your business in a situation wherein your customers cannot readily access the information they need if they see your advertisements, flyers and other marketing materials when they are out of their homes and on the move. Meanwhile, your competitors are taking them to special Web sites, giving them discounts and directing them to their stores with QR codes. Make sure that you plan your QR codes very well, so that your customers will feel good about scanning them. Make sure that they get something out of your QR codes.

3. QR codes have very low barriers to entry. QR codes are free to use and it is very easy to generate. As soon as you have a killer idea on what to put behind a QR code, you can easily generate a QR code and put them on your marketing materials for free.

4. QR codes are the future. From mobile marketing to the Internet of Things, QR codes fits into the future. QR codes can help you keep current and it is a technology that is ultimately very beneficial to your marketing, brand and promotions.

If you think that QR codes are not worth your time, think again. We suggest that you try it out first before dismissing it. Who knows, your QR codes might give you the success that you have been seeking for a very long time.

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