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If You Want Your QR Code Campaign To Work


Yes, I know it is all the rage right now. Everyone’s talking about it, you see it on billboards, you might have just ditched your ‘conventional’ phone for a smart phone, downloaded a QR Code reader and waiting for the next QR Code you see just so you can scan it.

What frenzy. And you deservingly should feel frenzied too.

But if you are a company or brand excited with the potential, let me share a couple of things with you just so you know which direction is best when it comes to QR Code marketing.  


QR-centered campaigns. This means you should come up with a QR Code campaign FIRST, then come up with a way to market it. Make it the focus of the whole fiasco instead of coming up with something ‘workable’ or ‘normal’ then place the QR Code in as an afterthought. Nothing is more disappointing than for a consumer to get all excited about ‘finding’ the QR Code, scanning it only to find that they could have waited till they get to a laptop or desktop to click on a link. Where’s the surprise? Where’s the hype? You want to give them something exclusive and special when they scan the QR Code.

So, remember, when it comes to QR Code marketing, place it on the center stage, not as an afterthought.

Actually give them something. It could be anything. Come up with an exclusive video, a coupon, a discount, membership….anything that the consumer will value. Keep your target in mind, understand what they like, and then give it to them. It is that simple! Another point to keep in mind that strategist should keep trends in mind. Consumers are getting not only trendier but more demanding about what they can get on the internet….in seconds and for free.

Make it easy for them. The same applies across the board for advertising – make it easy for the consumers. Hiding the QR Code instead clothes is not going to do it. Place it on a label or a sign on the clothes rack might fare better. If you are going to place the sign in your store, keep it at arm level so that they do not have to crane their necks or squat to scan the code.

All of this may sound like pure logic to most of us but you will be surprised at how easily we forget when we get all excited with the concept of including QR Codes, the latest craze, into our marketing campaigns.  



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