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Idea: Using QR Codes to Entertain Your Customers


Let’s admit it, even if we want to render prompt service every time, it would be impossible. There will always be businesses and professionals where people would have to wait to get served.

So what are you to do? Call on QR codes for help, of course!

1. Throw away those magazines at the doctor’s office. People waiting for their turn at the dentist’s or doctor’s office are often agitated or anxious. It could be because they are feeling the symptoms, or are just scared thinking about what’s going to happen next (a root canal!). Magazines are a great way to keep your patients occupied, but you would have to make sure that you have an ample supply of magazines, even back issues. What’s more, it would be very difficult to make sure that you have a magazine title that every one of your patients would be interested in.

As an alternative to magazines, why not put up QR codes around the waiting area? These codes could take them to more information about you and your practice, the services you render, or even a selection of online newspapers and magazines for your patients to read. You could also take them to online games and puzzles to help while away the time.

2. Upsell your products or provide advertising opportunities for others. People who commute know that the long lines and the delays can be very frustrating. We all have seen businesses put up QR codes on subway train cars and buses, such as Tesco’s South Korean QR code experiment where they allow people to shop virtually using a QR code. These shoppers could then ask Tesco to deliver the groceries or have them ready for pick up. You could charge businesses to use QR codes on your trains, buses and taxis. For example, let your passengers order coffee while waiting for the bus and it will be ready by the time they get to their stops, or have a taxi ready and waiting for them when they reach their destinations.

3. Let your customers share their stories. In order to better your service or just to hear from and engage your customers, put up QR codes around your office and encourage your customers to tell you their stories. This could provide you with good feedback and present you with an opportunity to do some customer service even after they have already left your premises!

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