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IDEA: Unique QR Code Marketing for Local Business



If you are a local business owner, then BeQRious.com has a proposition for you.  How about a QR code scavenger hunt all over your store, or perhaps you could tie up with other business owners in your area to have a wider hunt area?

The mechanics are simple.  Every customer gets an invitation to join the scavenger hunt.  You give them a piece of paper detailing the mechanics, explain to them what a QR code is, and how to get a reader.

Once they have the reader, the invitation would also have the first QR code clue.  They scan this and they are directed to the next clue.  Well, you know how scavenger hunts go. 

Why This Works for You

1. It is an effective way to engage your customers.  More than brochures and marketing materials, an in-store scavenger hunt is more effective in fostering engagement with your customers while they are in the premises.  You are not selling anything, just giving them the chance to have fun.  The offshoot is that they get to know your store and your products more.

2. It helps you introduce other products to your customers.  Sometimes our most loyal customers can get into the habit of just going into the store, zeroing in on the things that they like and go out.  They have their favorites and they will order or buy those.  A scavenger hunt can force them to look at your other offerings.

3. It increases the amount of time your customers spend inside your store.  The more time a person spends in your store, the more likely he will buy something or earmark something for future purchase.

4. Easy to do and carry out.  A scavenger hunt is just a series of clues that builds up to the next level.  Even if you need 10 QR codes, it is free and easy to create with the right QR generator.

Some suggestions:

1. Vary the level of difficulty of your clues.  Make the game too difficult and it would turn off your players and give up even before they finish.  Make it too easy and it gets boring.  Mix it up a little.  Your first clue might be a simple direction or instruction on where to find the next QR code, which in turn holds a riddle they have to solve in order to get to the next code.  The third QR code might require them to do a physical challenge like reaching for the top most shelf without stepping on anything.  Be creative, but make it fun for your players.

2. Figure out which of your products you want to highlight.  For example, if you run a sporting goods store and you have an overstock of rubber shoes, then you might want to devote two to three QR codes near your display of rubber shoes.


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