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Idea: Self Service with QR Codes


QR codes have a lot of uses, from education to marketing, from sales to personal networking. Over the years, we have brought to you creative ways for various businesses and individuals to use QR codes.

But here’s one thing that we are sure you have not heard before: QR codes help you sell your products and services even when you are not there.

This is what we call self service QR codes, and here are some ways to do this:

1. Put up QR codes for your store shelves. These QR codes would link to product information, specifications and even product reviews and testimonials. This is perfect for technical products such as electronics, computers and mobile phones.

2. QR codes that make your products useful and indispensable. Macy’s has done a great job with its Backstage Pass Campaign. They put up QR codes attached to certain brands in their store and customers who scan the codes can get tips on how to use these products to look more beautiful, such as make-up tutorials and how to wear the latest fashion trends. Some food retailers have also put up QR codes that provide recipes and cooking videos using their food products as ingredients.

3. QR codes that do your work. Real estate agents have used QR codes attached to their “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs. These QR codes take interested homebuyers to a virtual tour video of the property, a microsite for the property that includes basic information such as when the house was built, property prices in the area and comparable house prices. Or it could simply provide the realtor’s contact details.

4. QR codes that teach. There are also stores that give out QR codes as a form of after-sales service. For example, a crafts store could provide QR codes that show its customers how to create stained glass effects for their windows. Or DIY furniture stores could provide QR codes that show buyers how to assemble furniture or install fixtures they just purchased.

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One Response to Idea: Self Service with QR Codes

  1. louis September 25, 2011, 10:51 pm

    this is a temp website and i need a customise QR code. how do i go about doing it?


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