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IDEA: QR Code Marketing for Pizza and Other Food Delivery Outlets


QR codes may not be new. In fact they have been around for close to two decades now. But it is only recently that these little square codes are being widely used due to the increase in the number of smartphone users and free scanning mobile apps coupled with more marketers using them for marketing.

It is time for your pizza, bakery or restaurant to take advantage of them. This is especially true if you deliver to your customers.

You can use these QR codes to encourage them to call you again in the future. For one, you can print QR codes on your food packaging to show them your full menu. Better yet, have these QR codes go to a site where they could leave their e-mail address so that they could receive updates and alerts as to when you have new items on the menu or just telling them about deals and discounts that are exclusively available to them.

Food packaging may also be very difficult to change. Most food outlets have their own custom packaging and it is very expensive to change anything on it. So instead of paying steep prices for minute changes, why not just print a QR code, stick it on your boxes, and tell your customers about anything that is new with your pizza or restaurant.

Another way is to create a flyer that lists down the items you have on your menu and create a QR code that would allow your customers to call your hotline number or get to your website so that they order.

If you have special ingredients or processes like when you use a special oven to bake your bread or you want to show people how you create your super yummy pizza crusts, you can use the QR codes to let your customers in on your secret.

If you are looking to capture more of your customers, it is not enough to just market in store. Get out and get more people to come to you. QR codes are here to help!

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