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Idea: Making Trick or Treat More Fun with QR Codes


Small business owners are always looking for ways to make holidays fun. After all, it is during holidays and special occasions that they get more people come into their stores and it is around this time that their sales pick up.

So apart from decorating your store with spooky stuff, how do you make Halloween more fun for your customers?

With Halloween just around the corner, why don’t you device a QR code trick or treat? For instance, invite your customers to scan two QR codes. Depending on which one they scan, they either get free merchandise, a terrific discount or a bag of candies as a treat or something nasty as a trick.

To make it more challenging, why don’t you set up a scavenger hunt around your store where you customers scan a series of QR codes that would tell them the location of the next codes. Again, they would have to scan the right code to get a treat!

You could also team up with other businesses in your area to make it a bigger scavenger hunt. Treats could include a gift certificate to any one of the participating establishments, a candy voucher, or free promotional t-shirts.

Tricks, however, are (pun intended) trickier. You could lead them to a room where they could get a scare from one of your employees dressed as a ghost. Or you could give them tickets to a film screening with the scariest horror films that you have in your video library. Either that, or they get to be made up as a zombie or ghost, and have their pictures taken and posted on a storefront window.

It would be a good idea to announce your QR code trick or treat gimmick though. Or maybe to put up a poster telling people what they could get as a trick or a treat. But because they are basically scanning QR codes, they wouldn’t know which one they are getting for sure.

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