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HTML 5 Mobile Apps vs. Native Mobile Apps: Why Native Apps Stand a Chance


In a previous article, BeQRious has delved into why HTML 5 is starting to look like a strong contender to beat out native mobile apps.

It does seem that HTML 5 mobile apps will lessen the reliance on the big app stores as well as make it easier for the developer by just requiring one version of the app.

But a lot of developers who have tested HTML 5 are saying that it is not yet up to par with mobile apps. For one, HTML 5 does not seem able to take advantage of a smartphone’s hardware capabilities like its touch screen, accelerometer and processors. Native mobile apps can, and as a result, native apps tend to be faster and more intuitive than HTML 5 apps.

HTML 5 is getting there, but is not there yet. It might take some time for the new platform to be ready for primetime.

Consistency is also a problem. HTML 5 apps tend to run differently on different devices using different browsers, so it is really difficult to ensure that what one user sees is the same all throughout.

But aside from these, it seems that HTML 5 may well become a standard even on mobile phones. A lot of big names have already sworn their allegiance to HTML 5. Amazon, for one, is set to release a Kindle app for HTML 5 browsers, while Pandora and Box.net are both switching to HTML 5.

There Is Really No Issue

BeQRious thinks that HTML 5 and native mobile apps can co-exist. In much the same way as we have desktop programs and Web-based applications. Think Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

It may be easier for a developer to put out trial versions of their games or apps as a HTML 5 app, then have the full version as a native app.

It is really not an arena where people should choose one over the other, but more of like which platform could help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

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