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HP Goes High-Tech To Counter Counterfeit Activities


Big brand names are going high tech to go against counterfeit products. When a company spends millions and billions on branding and marketing, it is understandable that they will want to protect the brand name and profit. Recently, there was news of confiscation of more than 20 million (yes, 20 million) units of fake HP products over the span of four years. The company hired some tech guys to come up with a way to counter these events and they have come up with a QR Code campaign. The counterfeiting activity is more rampant in the Asian region than in any other parts of the world, it reported.


Counterfeiting items for HP products includes print jet ink cartridges. Old, used ones are collected, re-filled with non-HP ink, goes through minor manufacturing process and then they are sold as HP genuine products. Although some consumers DO go out of their way to purchase counterfeit HP products because it is cheaper, some do it without knowing that they are actually buying fake HP products. 

HP is known for sticking a holographic sticker onto all of HP products, especially the ink jet printer cartridges to help consumers differentiate between the genuine ones from the fake ones. On top of the stickers, HP has decided to go ahead and print a QR Code for the packaging. With a smartphone, consumers can now confirm if they are purchasing a REAL HP product. 

The only downside to all of this is that, according to reports, you will need to download a free HP esupplies application into your smartphone before you can scan it. The program has been rolled out in countries like Singapore and Australia. 

Even if you do not own a smartphone, consumers’ been able to help consumers verify originality of HP products with verification of serial number of the HP web page. This should be good news to some of HP’s  fans base. 

There is hope, yet, that the company will offer other phone users a way to verify product’s authenticity without needing to download a specific software in the near future. 


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