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How to Use QR Codes for Luxury Brands


Those who market for luxury brands know that these products use a different approach to marketing. Whereas all other products go for the biggest slice of the pie, luxury brands try to maintain some sort of exclusivity and desirability. As such, luxury brand marketers often make out their products as something that everyone wants but not everyone can get.

With the advent of smartphones, these luxury brands have found a new Mecca. With smartphones initially available only to the richest demographics, luxury brand marketers tied their products to smartphones. With the introduction of cheaper smartphones, however, that kind of exclusivity was lost.

So how do luxury brand marketers use QR codes for their mobile marketing? Here are some tips:

Be mysterious. Do not just go for a one-time launch. Instead, release your content at different times. This will help you maintain the mystery that you want to have. It will also give your consumers reasons to come back.

Be interactive. Be sure to let your customers participate in your campaign. For example, allow them to solve for clues or perhaps collect points that will entitle them to purchase your product ahead of its official release date.

Remember your brand. Remember that you would need to translate your brand’s image to your QR codes. So make sure that your QR code and your mobile marketing effort reflect your branding.

Be exclusive. Exclusivity is what sets luxury products from others. So make sure that you limit the number of people that could access the QR code that you have.

Be relevant. As with any marketing effort, being relevant is the key to success. Make sure that you have content that is both interesting and relevant to your target market. Add in a pinch of mystery and a lot of exclusivity, and then your QR code marketing will no doubt be a success.

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