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How to Read a vCard on Your iPhone


New iPhone users who want to sync their Outlook with an iPhone may have encountered a problem when exporting vCard files (.vcf files). 

Most often, smartphone users run into different sort of problems when trying to load vcf’s from their phones onto Windows so that it could be synched.  This is especially true if you have a vCard file with multiple contacts.  Outlook has been known to have poor support and compatibility with vCard files.  It often disregards all the other contact information and just saves the first item on the file.

While it might be simpler to just type in all your phone’s contacts, this could become a problem when you have dozens or hundreds of contacts on your phone.

What we recommend is to set up a Google Mail account on iPhone.  You can email your vCards to your Gmail account as attachments, and then open them.  You will be prompted to save the vCard onto your phone’s address book.

Thankfully, this is never an issue with QR code vCards.  It is easy to process business cards, marketing posters, and other marketing materials that contain QR codes that resolve to a vCard.  When scanned, the QR code scanner would automatically prompt you to save the contact details into your phone book.  No more tapping, no more entering, no more double-checking to make sure that the information you have entered is accurate.  You just scan and save and the whole process is done in seconds!

This is also the reason why you should include a QR code in your e-mail signatures.  That QR code will definitely come in handy if your friends, family or business associates buy a new smartphone and would like to save your contact details on their phones!

QR codes help make it easier to transfer files, data and information from one medium to another.  Use them to make it easier for other people to retain your contact information!

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2 Responses to How to Read a vCard on Your iPhone

  1. bill donnithorner June 7, 2012, 11:32 pm


  2. Stephan June 20, 2012, 1:59 pm

    Well it doesn’t work… it works only when i arrived an email. Then i can import the attached vcf card…

    I have found an site. you must register and put you name … in the site… u get an qrcode with the link to ure own vcard site and there it is possible to send the vcf from the site to you… i find it great! b-card.us is the url…


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