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How to Make Your QR Codes Eye-Catching!


Blah. Bland. Ugly. Blech.


 the most ardent QR code supporters would agree that QR codes, being black and white, pixilated and cubic, are not really attractive to the eyes.

But more than anything else, your QR codes could easily be made more visually appealing or prettier and most importantly, it could bolster your brand.

If you have not seen customized QR codes, then you should head on to this Custom QR Codes page and get wowed by designs they have made for various clients.

But if you want to try creating similarly spruced up QR codes, then here are some things you can do:

1. Add a logo, image or photo into your QR codes.

Get something like this:

You could use your favorite image editor to put the image at the center of the QR code. Make sure, however, that you test out the resulting QR code graphic to see that it still works.

You can also use our own QR code generator to make it easier for you. Here are simple instructions: How to Add a Graphic to Your QR Codes

2. Add color to your QR codes.

Remember that if you are sick of black and white, you can use any two colors that have sufficient contrast. Just make sure that you use a dark color such as blue, red or green to replace the black part and a lighter color such as light yellow or pastel pink to replace the white part.

3. Add borders or embed your QR code into a graphic.

Who says that QR codes have to be isolated? You can put borders all around your QR codes, or perhaps embed it in a graphic that you are using for your marketing posters or flyers. You just need to make sure that you leave a 1-inch gap all around to ensure that the QR code is still readable.

No matter what you do to make your QR codes pretty, just be sure that you test and re-test them. QR codes are pretty flexible with a 30% margin of error, so that means that you could obscure or modify around 30% of your QR codes and it would still work. But just in case, you could avoid serious embarrassment and avoid wasting money if you just test your customized QR code before you deploy it.

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One Response to How to Make Your QR Codes Eye-Catching!

  1. Jane Slack-Smith January 4, 2012, 2:21 am

    I would like a QR code with a house in the middle for sending people to my website – it will be used in printed material

    can you do this?

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