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How to Get More from Your QR Codes


QR codes are a great tool for your marketing campaigns.  How many times have you heard that?  Well, it is true.  But sometimes, companies and brands just do not pay enough attention to how they use their QR codes.

According to the MGH survey, QR codes are now mostly used to get more information about your products and services.  And this will continue to rise in the coming months and years.  But we think that people would not be encouraged to scan your QR code only to get more information about your product, unless they are really interested in it.

Another prevalent use of QR codes is to get coupons, discounts or secure a deal.  We think that this will explode in the coming months.  In fact, the MGH study revealed that 53% of users are scanning QR codes today to get discounts.  That number is going to balloon to 87% in the near future.  Offering deals behind QR codes can persuade your customers to scan your QR code because there is an additional benefit in it for them!

So if you want more bang from your QR codes, then find ways to offer deals and discounts using a QR code.  Here are some ideas:

1. QR codes help make it easier for your customers to get a coupon that they could use to buy your products.  Have them scan your QR code and they will be able to download a virtual coupon or an image file that they could show at the cash register!

2. QR code loyalty programs.  Instead of offering paper-based loyalty programs, have them scan a QR code instead.  Once they collected enough “punches”, you could give them a discount!

3. Make it easier for them to access your Groupon deal.  If you have a Groupon Deal, then place the URL behind a QR code to make it easier for your customers to buy your deals!

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