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How To Create Your Own Sand QR Code


Although creating QR Code on sand is hardly a new idea considering the fact that Japan’s Sinap (a design company) DID one much earlier on with astounding attention, it is still intriguing to find that others are emulating the behavior. If you have missed out on the QR Code creation on a Japanese beach, here’s a video of it.

Following in on the move, battling cold weather and threat of the rising tide, a blogger who was doing some stuff for the Digital Scarborough Fair attempted and succeeded in carving out a curiosity-generating QR Code on sand. The QR Code leads mobile phone users to the Digital Scarborough website located at www.digitalscarborough.org.

The key to creating a sand QR Code is to pick a time when the weather isn’t as punishing and the tide is slinking away from the shoreline. This blogger had to pick the right patch on the beach to make sure he is not playing around with beach-bound rules and also ensure that people could at least attempt to scan the QR Code from afar.

If you want to create a sand-based QR Code for yourself, you need to know that it is created using cake tin and marking out the grids slowly and carefully. There is a lot of mathematical calculations involved, so, if you are numerically challenged, you might need some help from someone who knew their numbers better. Basically, to create the darker parts of the sand (to make the QR Code’s equivalent of the black box), a simple tool like a fork will do. By pulling the fork through the sand or ‘roughing’ out the sand will make the patch slightly darker than the smoother parts.

While toiling on the QR Code, you will get lots of questions from passer-bys who are just curious about that crazy patch that you are working on. Most peple would assume that you are creating a chess board to play with your kids (if there are kids around at that time).

With a good plan and quick maneuvering around the sand, creating a sand QR Code isn’t too difficult a task, really, but it would take quite a bit of determination to finish it when the weather isn’t as pleasant.

Sounds like something you might want to do during the weekend? First, you will need a QR Code generator which you can use for free here.

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