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How to Change Where Your BeQRious QR Code Resolves To


If you have just realized that you made a mistake in inputting where your QR code leads to, then do not fret.  You will be able to change where your QR code leads your scanners in very simple and quick steps!

You do not have to generate another QR code and get two QR codes to manage in the future.  What’s more managing too many QR codes can be confusing and cumbersome in the future.  If you made a mistake in your QR code, follow these simple steps.


1. When you log into your account, find the welcome box at the right hand side of the page.  


Click on the My folders link.

2. You will be presented with a list of your existing folders.  Choose the one that contains the QR code which you want to change.


3. Upon getting into the folder, you will see the QR codes you have saved inside the folder, as well as what type of code it is and its message.  Click on the QR code you want to modify.

4. Upon clicking the code, you will be taken to the BeQRious QR code generator.  Change the message as necessary.  Click the CREATE CODE button, and save the code to the same folder.


5.  Check your new code. 

Too difficult to follow?  Here’s a video!

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