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How to Add a Graphic to Your QR Codes


There are a lot of QR code generators around and BeQRious’ free QR code generator is one of them. What sets our QR code generator apart from the rest are the features we put into it.

For today, we are going to show you how to add a graphic to an otherwise generic looking and black and white QR code.

This is a great way to add your company logo, a personal photo, or even cute little graphics to make your QR codes a little more interesting.

So let us assume that you are a fan of the TV show Glee, and you want to create a QR code for the official Glee site on Fox TV’s website at http://www.fox.com/glee/.

To make it more interesting, you want to put in a logo. Why not use our graphical QR code generator for that?


1. Prepare your logo. It has to be in a square format, with the same number of pixels for each side. For our example, we are going to use this Glee logo which is 100 pixels all around.

If you think that that is too big, do not worry as our graphical QR code generator will resize it to 50 pixels all around!

2. Go to the BeQRious QR code generator and click on the “Graphical” tab.

3. Click on “Choose File” and select the graphic you want to use. For this instance it’s the Glee logo.

4. Enter the URL you want the QR code to resolve to.

5. Save as PNG. Although the generator allows you to choose between a PDF or a PNG format, choose Save as png.

6. Click on the “Create Code” button.

Your browser should automatically download your QR code. Open the downloaded file and check!

And you get this graphical QR code:

Check out this video detailing the same steps:

If this is not enough, visit Custom QR Codes and see QR codes that are more fun, with more colors and more customization!

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