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How Retailers Benefit from QR Codes


Right now, it is not enough for retailers to just make sure that their customers have a great in-store experience, but they also innovate to get new customers, keep their existing ones, and make them want to keep coming back.  

One of the ways to do this is to use QR codes for your marketing.  This allows you to connect your offline store with your online audience.

Mobile phones enable retailers to communicate with their customers, and QR codes provide an interactive way to do so.  QR codes could easily take your customers to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages.  It could give them a product demo, or perhaps a mobile e-commerce site.

In fact, QR codes are ESSENTIAL when you have a cross-media initiative, such as online campaigns, TV commercials, and out-of-home advertisements and campaigns.

What’s more, retailers also gain a lot of analytics when their consumers scan the QR codes.  At the very least, they can learn about where and when the QR code was scanned.  This can help them know which of the advertising and marketing channels are giving them more exposure and return for their investment and allows them to optimize their marketing budgets.

It is amazing what QR codes could do right now, but give it some time and you would be able to use QR codes to facilitate mobile commerce.  With the right innovations, you could ask your customers to just scan a QR code using their mobile phones and they get the product delivered to their doorstep!

Science fiction?  Not really.  Just a decade ago, nobody would have thought about the power of QR codes.  Now, with the help of major brands and the proliferation of smart phones, QR codes have hit mainstream.  Through creativity and innovation, various retailers have taken advantage of the QR code to make their marketing more efficient and cost-effective.  Mobile payments are also on the rise right now, so we could really expect that it would soon become more secure, more convenient and faster to pay using a QR code!


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