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How QR Codes Will Be Used In The Future


If there is one thing that is guaranteed for the future, it is the fact that more people are going to make use of QR Codes. Why? Just look around if you are outside…how many people do you see holding or using an iPhone or any other types of smart phones? The last we knew, little kids (well, not so little ones) in their early teens are swapping numbers, links, pictures, music and stuff on their iPhones. I don’t know how much an iPhone cost in other countries but one would hardly call it CHEAP. It would have to take a certain number of hours of persuasion from the child to get the parent to purchase a QR Code enabled iPhone for the kids. But that is just us – we are technologically-advanced prudes.

Anyway, the first few markets to jump onto the QR Code bandwagon would be anything related to teenagers and young working adults. These people are ALREADY armed with QR Code enabled phones so, saying that selling adult nappies via QR Code is hardly logical because it would take a lot to get a elderly person to familiarize himself or herself with an iPhone now.

So, print advertising is going to go absolutely crazy with QR Codes. Sooner or later, every single commercial will come with their very own brand of black-and-white square boxes that promises lots of fun, excitement, saving, surprise or exclusive content. Teenagers will be snapping pictures of QR Codes in the teen magazines that they devour while working adults will be pointing their phone cameras in the train or when stuck in a jam.

The other group of people who will embrace QR Code technology would be the small business group of people. Small businesses have small budgets…understandably, and it looks like one of the easiest, fastest and most fascinating way to capture people’s attention these days is with something new. And is not expensive. With free mobile webpage software out there, creating a mobile web page that works is no longer an issue and creation of QR Codes is also free. Create your own one free of charge over here, in fact (www.beqrious.com/generator) If they already have their own website or blog up in cyberspace, what are the obstacles? Literally, nothing.

Entrepreneurs and network marketers will also revel in the fact that there is now an extremely good way to promote themselves consistently to the people that they meet. They will print QR Codes on every promotional item that they can get their hands on and that budget permits, and promoting them via their cell phones.

Businesses, once the system catches on a bigger crowd, will also move in on it by offering coupons, discount vouchers, membership cards, free gifts, etc with QR Code. It is so easy that it would be ridiculous if they didn’t hop on. These days, anyone can walk out without their wallet or credit card but one never walks out without their cell phones. People turn around to get them back like there is a very important phone call the very next minute!

In the next couple of years, we suspect that there will be many more new ways that people can make use of QR Code – we are only at the beginning.

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